I Requested A Hearing, What's The Wait Time?

So you've now been denied at initial application and possibly Reconsideration and have requested a hearing in front of an Administrative Law Judge. Now you want to know how long you're going to have to wait until your case is heard.

Depending on where you live in the United States that wait time is going to vary drastically. Social Security routinely releases statistics that show the average wait time across their 165 hearing offices. The shortest wait time for a hearing once it's been requested is at the Mayag├╝ez hearing office in Puerto Rico where the average wait time is 175 days. At the opposite end of the spectrum, if you live in the St. Louis area the average claimant waits 472 days for their hearing to be scheduled.

It's fairly safe to assume that if you recently requested a hearing, you should expect to wait at least seven months and it could take up to fifteen months.